The Eyes of Texas Partners seeks talented entrepreneurs who require smart capital to sustain them through early stage business development. At a minimum, we require companies to have a business plan, completed concepts or prototypes, a proven, knowledgeable management team, and the initial seeding of beta customers.

Our goal is to partner with entrepreneurs who require “smart” capital that will bridge them through early stage business development, including early stage business plan, completed concepts or prototypes, management team with demonstrated experience in their industry, and initial seeding of beta customers.

Types of investments include direct equity and convertible debt and usually range from $250,000 to $1 million.

EOTP looks for the following criteria in potential investment companies:
  • Products or services that bring measurable change to a defined market and should create a defined competitive barrier to entry.
  • Annual revenues of $50 million plus per year within 5 years from inception.
  • Significant market-share in a multi-billion dollar growth market with a practical sales approach.
  • Management team that demonstrates in-depth industry knowledge and experience.
  • Compelling management track record and a clear understanding of the market.
  • Business development strategy with measurable product development milestones.
  • Business practices and enterprise growth that provide a proprietary advantage that establishes a market leadership position and a defined investment exit strategy.
  • Investment and EOTP Operating Process
The investment process from Information Collection to Funding takes approximately sixty to ninety days.